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The Hunter

Trailer for The Hunter (1980), Steve McQueen’s final film:

“He’s not a cop, he’s America’s last bounty hunter.”

From Wikipedia’s entry for the film:

At home in Los Angeles, Thorson is an old-fashioned guy who has a love of antiques and classical music, drives a 1950s convertible and keeps an antique gasoline pump in his house. His schoolteacher girlfriend Dotty is pregnant and would like “Papa” to be there for her when the baby is born, but his work continually keeps him on the road.

McQueen’s boots, jeans, MA-1 flight jacket combo is very on trend right now.


The Getaway


Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen … is the gold standard for movie tough guys – stoic, street-smart, unfussy, supercompetent and absolutely, positively not to be fucked with; the consummate man of action. He’s the guy every guy secretly wants to be – unassuming but deadly, and always in charge. McQueen’s grace isn’t the deliberate, predmeditated grace of a ballet dancer, but of a footballer spotting an opening and slipping through it for a goal.

Matt Zoller Seitz