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Bewildering Rapidity

You may remember that during the first part [of North by Northwest] all sorts of things happen to the hero with such bewildering rapidity that he doesn’t know what it’s all about. Anyway, Cary Grant came up to me and said, ‘It’s a terrible script. We’ve already done a third of the picture and I still can’t make head or tail of it.’ … Without realizing it he was using a line of his own dialogue.

—Alfred Hitchcock in Hitchcock, by François Truffaut

Zero Interest

You know I have about the same interest in jewelry as I have in politics, horse racing, modern poetry, and women who need weird excitement – none.

—Cary Grant, To Catch a Thief

(Via Walker Lamond.)

Alfred Hitchcock: Amateur Photographer

I am strictly a professional and an amateur. In my work, the approach to photography is terribly different – strictly the use of the pictorial for telling the story. In terms of amateur photography, my mind is not on it: I shoot pictures merely to recall places we have been, but not with any aim of pictorial quality.

Alfred Hitchcock