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Two Tiny Mac Programs

Inspired by Michael Leddy’s “Two useful bookmarklets” post, here are two tiny Mac programs I find invaluable:

  • Caffeine: “a tiny program that puts an icon in the right side of your menu bar. Click it to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen or starting screen savers. Click it again to go back.”
  • Freedom: “an application that disables networking on an Apple computer for up to eight hours at a time. Freedom will free you from the distractions of the internet, allowing you time to code, write, or create. At the end of your selected offline period, Freedom re-enables your network, restoring everything as normal.”

Caffeine prevents your Mac from going to sleep when, say, you’re giving a Keynote presentation, but I find myself using it anytime I want my Mac to remain at the ready.

Freedom – developed by a PhD student, natch – might help you combat your Internet addiction disorder (IAD), even if you have to use the Internet to download it first.

When used together, who knows, you may actually get some things done.