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Men release powerful changes into the world with cavalier disregard for consequences … they begin to ‘use’ apparatus, technique, and organization with no attention to the ways in which these ‘tools’ unexpectedly rearrange their lives … they willingly submit the governance of their affairs to the expertise of others … they begin to participate without second thought in megatechnical systems far beyond their comprehension or control … they endlessly proliferate technological forms of life that isolate people from each other and cripple rather than enrich the human potential … they stand idly by while vast technical systems reverse the reasonable relationship between means and ends.

—Langdon Winner, Autonomous Technology (1977)

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The Politics Behind Facebook

Tom Hodgkinson gives Facebook a well-deserved drubbing.

Money quote:

For my own part, I am going to retreat from the whole thing, remain as unplugged as possible, and spend the time I save by not going on Facebook doing something useful, such as reading books. Why would I want to waste my time on Facebook when I still haven’t read Keats’ Endymion? And when there are seeds to be sown in my own back yard? I don’t want to retreat from nature, I want to reconnect with it. Damn air-conditioning! And if I want to connect with the people around me, I will revert to an old piece of technology. It’s free, it’s easy and it delivers a uniquely individual experience in sharing information: it’s called talking.