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Paul Rand’s Letterhead

Saw this recently over at Design Observer and was struck by, in the words of one of the commenters, its simple, understated design. The typeface is Helvetica Standard Medium.


The Typographer as Casting Director

One of the more interesting statements made in Gary Hustwit’s Helvetica:

The classical modernist line on how aware a reader should be of a typeface is that they shouldn’t be aware of it at all. It should be this crystal goblet there to hold and display and organize the information. But I don’t think it’s really quite as simple as that. I think even if they’re not consciously aware of the typeface they’re reading, they’ll still be affected by it, in the same way an actor that’s miscast in a role will affect someone’s experience of a movie or play that they’re watching. They’ll still follow the plot, but be less convinced or affected. I think typography is similar to that. A designer choosing typefaces is essentially a casting director.

—Tobias Frere-Jones