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“See the trailer in theaters for maximum effect”

A Hidden Life

This looks like Malick’s most-disciplined film in years. There’s still swooping shots and soaring strings, but also, it looks like, a stirring — and relevant — story.

The Lighthouse

I’ve joked about this subject before (see, e.g., here and here) and enjoy upbeat lighthouse-themed songs such as Diane Birch’s “Lighthouse,” but from the looks of this, being a lighthouse keeper is no joke.


Saw it last night. Simple, almost hackneyed “man versus nature” story (which I’m a sucker for, and such stories are always also “man versus himself”), but done really well. Spare and unsparing. Easily my favorite new movie of 2019 so far.

The Old Man and the Gun

The Searcher


Like “Longmire” meets Wind River meets Lonesome Dove? Could be something. The music here — a bit more pressing than your usual Western fare — piques my interest the most. I’m in for at least the first episode.