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Gay Talese’s Office

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Evelyn Waugh Greatly Regrets

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Delusional and Stupid

It is both delusional and stupid to think that clothes don’t really matter and we should all wear whatever we want.

G. Bruce Boyer

Academics Who Dress Well VII

Isaiah Berlin of “The Hedgehog and the Fox” fame:

Oh, and for the record, I’d rather be a fox.

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I Hope They’re Not Together

One of my regular beefs is, I’ll see a couple on a date and the girl will be wearing a pretty little black dress and high heels and makeup and have nice coiffeur. And the guy will be dressed like Jerry Seinfeld, with white sneakers and acid wash jeans. You just think, ‘I hope they’re not together.’

Glenn O’Brien

Dressed for a Dungeon

Especially as one gets older, one must dress well, even when in a casual mood. The saddest sight I see in New York is the shabby appearance of elderly people en route to doctor’s offices… these elderly men and women dressed like refugees from Slovenia waiting to arrested for violating some border rule established during the Cold War, and when I see these people my first reaction is: ‘Go home, hide, there’s no hope for you – you look like you’re doomed, you’re dressed for a dungeon!’

79-year-old Italian-American writer Gay Talese

Warhol’s Underwear

I quickly found the brand I usually use, Jockey Classic Briefs. They were three for five dollars which didn’t seem too inflationary. I read the label on the plastic bag they came in, just to make sure they hadn’t changed any of their famous ‘Comfort Features’ – ‘Exclusive Tailoring for Proper Fit to Support a Man’s Needs; Contoured Designed Arch Gives Added Comfort No Gaps; Support Waistband is Smoother Fitted Heat Resistant; Stronger Longer Lasting “V” No Chafe Leg Openings; Soft Rubber at Either Thigh Only; Highly Absorbent 100 Per Cent Highly Combed Cotton.’ So far so good, I thought. I checked the ‘Washing Instructions’ – ‘Machine Wash Tumble Dry.’ Everything was fine, the same as always. I hate it when you find a product you like that fits a particular need of yours, and then they change it. […] At least the Jockey Classic Briefs were still Classic.

—Andy Warhol, From A to B & Back Again: The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Sean Connery’s Suit

Over at Clothes on Film, Matt Spaiser analyzes Sean Connery’s clothing in Dr. No:

Throughout Dr. No, Sean Connery wears five unique tailored ensembles. Each outfit is simple, classic and worthy of imitation. The idea was to put Bond in suits that were distinctly British, but keep things simple because a secret agent should never stand out. Yet because of this simplicity, the clothes still look fresh today.

Now I want to read Spaiser, who runs the blog The Suits of James Bond, on Connery’s clothing in From Russia With Love, my favorite, and arguably the best, Bond film.

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The Style of Music


“A series of posters featuring Iconic Outfits from 20 Male Musicians. Designed by Glenn Michael of Moxy Creative House, and illustrated by James Alexander the prints are available here.”

Academics Who Dress Well Part VI

Ladies and gentlemen, Paul Engle, sometime in the 1950s.


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