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Educate Yourself

I did not finish high school, I didn’t even complete the tenth grade, and throughout my whole life, I’ve read extensively – it’s how I’ve educated myself.

Doyald Young

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Once More, with Feeling

If reading a lot of novels gave you exceptional empathy, university English departments should be filled with the most compassionate and generous-minded of souls, and, so far, they are not.

—Adam Gopnik, “How the Internet Gets Inside Us”

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Reading Is Overrated

If it were true that wide and deep reading redounds wholly positively on the development of a wholesome self, consider a typical member of a university English department, and despair.

—Rick Gekoski, “Reading Is Overrated”

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You See Differently on Paper

I draft prose on-screen, work it over until I can’t find much wrong with it, then double-space it and print it out. At that point I discover what’s really there, which is ordinarily hazy, bloated, and boring. It looked pretty good on-screen, but it’s crap. My first drafts on paper, after what amount to several drafts on computer, look like a battlefield.

Jan Swafford

Long Live Analog

To me, a printed Wired mag feels more “advanced” than its iPad equivalent. Bigger, flexible, cheaper, shareable. Long live analog.Tue Jun 01 18:12:29 via Twitter for iPhone

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You Discover It for Yourself

You can’t learn to write in college. It’s a very bad place for writers because the teachers always think they know more than you do – and they don’t. They have prejudices. They may like Henry James, but what if you don’t want to write like Henry James? They may like John Irving, for instance, who’s the bore of all time. A lot of the people whose work they’ve taught in the schools for the last thirty years, I can’t understand why people read them and why they are taught. The library, on the other hand, has no biases. The information is all there for you to interpret. You don’t have someone telling you what to think. You discover it for yourself.

Ray Bradbury


Remember Reading on Paper?


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