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Men’s adventure mags from the 1950s and ’60s mashed up with concurrent Better Homes and Gardens imagery by Nadine Boughton.

Charles Gwathmey (1938–2009)


“Mr. Gwathmey was part of a generation of architects who put their own aesthetic stamp on the ‘high Modernist’ style developed in the early 20th century by Le Corbusier and others. Many of Mr. Gwathmey’s best buildings were houses.”


“Mr. Gwathmey (pronounced GWAHTH-mee) himself was a dashing figure, given to Savile Row suits and shoes from the London boot maker John Lobb. He drove black sports cars from which he stripped details he considered extraneous and lived in refined style, in an apartment of his own design.”

Charles Gwathmey, Modernist Architect, Dies at 71 (New York Times)