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Vertigo in Two Setences

Richard Brody’s distillation of Vertigo: An acrophobic detective (James Stewart), after the apparent death of a woman he loves (Kim Novak), meets another woman who reminds him of her, dresses her up as the late object of his obsession, and … Continue reading

08.12.2012 New York Times Digest

1. “Dead Again” “Every generation rewrites the book’s epitaph; all that changes is the whodunit.” 2. “It’s Alive!” “We are not so much entering a brave new universe as continuing an established tradition.” 3. “In Ill Doctor, a Surprise Reflection … Continue reading

1000 Frames of Hitchcock

1000 Frames of Hitchcock “is an attempt to reduce each of the 52 available major Hitchcock films down to just 1000 frames.” Here, for instance, is frame 390 of 1000 from Vertigo (1958): And here is frame 866 of 1000 … Continue reading

“Here I was born, and there I died.”

Vertigo…Then and Now: “Before and after images of various San Francisco locations used in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 masterpiece.”