Sunday 3.15.2020 New York Times Digest

1. This Is How You Live When the World Falls Apart

“In the end, it’s our vulnerability that connects us.”

2. Facing A World Without Our Games

“For decades, sports were a constant, part of the background noise of American culture, and maybe an unhealthy obsession. Games were always on. Radio was filled with banter. Twitter fights were had. There were office pools, side bets and serious gambling. Sports gave us something to talk about when the conversation slowed, something to watch when there was nothing else to do. Maybe this will be a reboot, a cleanse to slow or recalibrate our metabolism.”

3. Think Cheating in Baseball Is Bad? Try Chess

“Chess has perhaps more cheating than any other game in the world.”

4. Going to Work With Danger, and Maybe Death, Every Day

“In 2018 … approximately one in five worker deaths was in construction.”

5. This Is a Good Time to Stop Fighting Anxiety

“It’s so counterintuitive to allow in the thing that wounds me, but it turns out that befriending my fear has actually caused its voice to soften.”

6. We Forgot About the Most Important Job on the Internet

“Some companies have tried to replace human moderators with algorithms. The results have been mixed at best.”

7. Why America Will Never Get Medicare for All

“Americans have repeatedly rejected expansions of the social safety net because it inevitably collides with one of the most powerful forces shaping the American experience: uncompromising racism.”

8. The Milk Situation

“Since 1975, milk consumption per capita has dipped roughly 40 percent, according to data from Nielsen, and between 2010 and 2018, sales of milk dropped by 13 percent. The already-low price of milk, which is set by the federal government, is projected to drop even further this year.”

9. There Are Too Many Celebrities. Here’s How We’re Dealing With Them as a Society.

“Instagram, Twitter and other platforms are designed to let fans feel closer to celebrities than ever before, and have allowed those celebrities a control over their personas that they did not previously have. So, the new shows do what they can to soothe — or rattle — celebrities into a state resembling authenticity.”

10. Earning Money While You Sleep

“Hundreds of TikTok users have begun live-streaming themselves overnight, while they sleep.”

11. How to Disinfect Your Space on an Airplane

“First things first: Wash your hands.”

12. It’s Time to Unfriend the Internet

“In her first book, Lurking, Joanne McNeil charts the history of the internet through the experiences of the users. These are not necessarily the same as people.”

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