Sunday 1.5.2020 New York Times Digest

1. Right-Wing Views for Generation Z, Five Minutes at a Time

“To the founders and funders of PragerU, YouTube is a way to circumvent brick-and-mortar classrooms — and parents — and appeal to Generation Z, those born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s.”

2. The Unbearable Lightness of Being Russell Wilson

“There are ways in which Wilson, in his eighth season in the N.F.L., is still a question mark, still an enigma to those outside his immediate sphere.”

3. What’s Eating Jimmy Iovine?

“Make quality the priority, not speed.”

4. Scorsese Knows How It Ends

“Scorsese has other aspirations but they have nothing to do with moviemaking. ‘I would love to just take a year and read,’ he said. ‘Listen to music when it’s needed. Be with some friends. Because we’re all going. Friends are dying. Family’s going.’”

5. Y2K @ 20

“There was a problem with the computers. Or was there?”

6. Hype House and the Los Angeles TikTok Mansion Gold Rush

“So-called collab houses, also known as content houses, are an established tradition in the influencer world. Over the last five years they have formed a network of hubs across Los Angeles.”

7. U.S. Military Branches Block Access to TikTok App Amid Pentagon Warning

“In a Dec. 16 message to the various military branches, the Pentagon said there was a ‘potential risk associated with using the TikTok app,’ and it advised employees to take several precautions to safeguard their personal information. It said the easiest solution to prevent ‘unwanted actors’ from getting access to that information was to remove the app.”

8. Everyone’s Resolution Is to Drink More Water in 2020

“Hydration is now marketed as a cure for nearly all of life’s woes.”

9. A Tech Insider Stylishly Chronicles Her Industry’s ‘Uncanny Valley’

“Far from seeking to disabuse civic-minded techno-skeptics of our views, she is here to fill out our worst-case scenarios with shrewd insight and literary detail. It isn’t that those of us with skill sets as soft as our hearts don’t need to know what’s going on in ‘the ecosystem,’ as those ‘high on the fumes of world-historical potential’ call Silicon Valley. It’s more that everything over there is as absurdly wrong as we imagine.”

10. Death by a Thousand Cuts

“We may not be as far from such poetic conceits of the body as we like to believe. The feminist theorist Donna Haraway, for example, has pointed out the insufficiency of scientific language for depicting the world. When a biologist describes a cell process, Haraway argues, she is as much creating the phenomena under discussion as describing a fact. Because language mediates our communication, the ways we think and express ourselves shape the knowledge we put into words.”

11. Why the Most Ridiculous Part of The Irishman Actually Works

The Irishman is best watched as a film about old men, and the lifetimes they have spent wrapped up entirely in one another, moving through an era that has vanished from beneath their feet.”

12. Letter of Recommendation: Dumbvacs

“Shopping for a new toaster, new speakers, a new car, a microwave or even light bulbs entails not just comparing specifications and price tags but evaluating whether the convenience or enjoyment offered by the gadget will outweigh the chance that it’s going to spy on you.”

13. What I Learned in Avalanche School

“Ninety percent of human-avalanche encounters … are triggered by humans, making humans the primary avalanche problem. Nature doesn’t kill people with avalanches. People kill people with avalanches.”

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