Sunday 12.15.2019 New York Times Digest

1. The Power of a $5 Folded Piece of Paper

“Exchanging letters is a practice that crisscrosses centuries. But its continued relevance in our digitized daily lives is somewhat of a marvel.”

2. The Incredible Shrinking Wallet

“In recent years, the physical wallet’s central role in our lives has been greatly reduced, as have the size of wallets themselves.”

3. What Would Jesus Do About Inequality?

“The evangelical faith and work movement used to be merely another trumpet for this peculiarly American political gospel. But in recent years the movement has become much more ideologically diverse — and far more interesting. Participants are moving beyond the idolatry of the free market to a conversation about economic justice that doesn’t align so neatly with culture war clichés or party platforms.”

4. How the Superrich Took Over the Museum World

“Today’s museum world is steeply hierarchical, mirroring the inequality in society at large.”

5. What Makes an American Hero? (Or a Canadian One?)

“The Hero Fund’s task is not to assign blame, nor to explain why something happened. It is to identify those mere mortals who attempted individually, and bodily, to disrupt the relentless course of fate. And to send them a check for $5,500 and a hand-struck medal on behalf of humankind.”

6. By the Book: Deborah Levy

“Love is riskier than hate because there is more to lose.”

7. The Elder and the Younger

“How do you compete with someone so intrepid that he dies while trying to inspect an active volcano?”

8. The 10 Best Actors of the Year

“These are the 10 actors whose work in movies we found most captivating, challenging, shocking and inspiring in 2019.”

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