Sunday 7.8.2018 New York Times Digest


1. Is the National ‘Mood’ the One in Polls or the One Online?

“Being inundated with so many moods can affect how we see everything around us, unleashing complex waves of uplift or tumult. If you scan social media these days, it’s hard not to conclude that the overriding sentiments — the inescapable moods that hang over all our heads like stagnant humidity — are those of annoyance, consternation and abstract misery. Not just about the day’s news or the latest grand controversy, but about everything, in general.”

2. A.I. Comes Into Fashion

“In the small but growing precincts of the industry where high-powered algorithms roam free, however, it is the machine — and not the buyer’s gut — that often anticipates what customers will want.”

3. Fresh Proof That Strong Unions Help Reduce Income Inequality

“Thanks to the new research, evidence going back nearly a century now shows that unions have formed a critical counterweight to the power of companies. They increase the earnings of the lowest skilled and sharply reduce inequality.”

4. Buried in Paperwork

“A lot of time people avoid papers because it’s acknowledging a part of your life that may have been painful or traumatic.”

5. Government-Subsidized Christianity

“Trump administration officials have used fundamentalist biblical interpretations to support everything from environmental deregulation to tax cuts.”

6. Why Are We Obsessed With Superhero Movies?

“Institutions and human knowledge are useless. Religion is irrelevant. Governments are corrupt and/or inept, when not downright evil. The empowered individual is all.”

7. Seriously, Juice Is Not Healthy

“There is no evidence that juice improves health. It should be treated like other sugary beverages, which are fine to have periodically if you want them, but not because you need them.”

8. The Selfie That Dares to Go There

“I use it as a narrative, as if you’re telling a story. It’s an aspect of that, it’s not just a vagina.”

9. Tom Wolfe’s Lesser Known Career as a Cartoonist

“Wolfe surprisingly identified as much as a cartoonist as he did a writer, and many of his drawings were captioned.”

10. E-Waste Offers an Economic Opportunity as Well as Toxicity

“Americans alone throw out phones worth $60 million in gold and silver every year.”

11. Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Scientist?

“The argument over wolves is a gulf of values: In bringing back wolves, one side wants to atone for the sins of the past and knit back together a wounded landscape; the other sees in wolves’ proliferation a refutation of the rural way of life of the American West. A wolf, in this debate, is always much bigger than a wolf.”

12. The Big Business of Becoming Bhad Bhabie

“Viral minutes tick faster than real ones. If she wanted to keep the interest of the public, she needed a talent, and she needed one soon.”


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