Sunday 02.16.2014 New York Times Digest


1. The Writer’s Room

“Instead of a dedicated room, my best trigger is the actual habit of reading over the texts from the day before. Marking. Changing. Fussing. This ritual amounts to a habit of trust. Trust that I can make it better. That if I keep trying, I will come closer to something true.”

2. A Severe Winter Breaks Budgets as Well as Pipes & 3. What the Elite Wear to Meet the Sleet

“Snow makes Fashion Week democratic.”

4. Crossing Borders and Changing Lives, Lured by Higher State Minimum Wages

“The trick to getting by, he said, is learning to simplify one’s needs and desires.”

5. A Parodist Who Calls Himself Hanksy

“At his first show, in January 2012, he sold about 150 pieces, all mashing up Banksy and Tom Hanks, at prices ranging from $50 to $2,000.”

6. Intel’s Sharp-Eyed Social Scientist

“Today, companies like IBM, Microsoft and Google also employ social scientists, in-house or as consultants, who specialize in applied anthropology.”

7. Comcast vs. the Cord Cutters

“In most American households, the cable cord is the fastest conduit for broadband service. This suggests the canny strategy by which those once-inescapable cable providers might combat the rise of cord cutters: The cable giants will simply become even-more-inescapable Internet giants.”

8. Small Business, Joining a Parade of Outsourcing

“Small businesses are increasingly using foreign contract workers to lower their costs.”

9. Where the Fish Swims, Ideas Fly

“My overarching goal right now, wherever possible, is to give myself more time to simply be.”

10. The All-or-Nothing Marriage

“The average marriage today is weaker than the average marriage of yore, in terms of both satisfaction and divorce rate, but the best marriages today are much stronger, in terms of both satisfaction and personal well-being, than the best marriages of yore.”

11. Start-Up America: Our Best Hope

“Silicon Valley: where ideas come to launch. Washington, D.C., where ideas go to die.”

12. The Tame Truth About the Wolves of Wall Street

“Much of what happens on Wall Street is terrifically boring.”

13. The Self-Reflecting Pool

“Swimming is the ultimate form of sensory deprivation.”

14. Social Media, a Trove of Clues and Confessions

“There have been numerous cases where social media has played an important role in serious criminal investigations.”

15. Professors, We Need You!

“It’s not just that America has marginalized some of its sharpest minds. They have also marginalized themselves.”

16. Is the Universe a Simulation?

“Statistically speaking, therefore, we are more likely to be living in a simulated world than the real one.”

17. Driving to the Music of Chance & 18. TV the Old Way: Watching What’s On

“I surrender control and let the music play.”

19. For Interns, All Work and No Payoff

“Is this any way to live?”

20. Twitter, Can You Hear Me Now?

“At what point does jaunty confidence metastasize into abject bragging?”

21. Learning to Silence My Inner Editor

“So romantic, right? If only I could get over that syntax.”

22. Without a Trace

“Since the origin of life on earth 3.8 billion years ago, our planet has experienced five mass extinction events. The last of these events occurred some 66 million years ago … Today, Kolbert writes, we are witnessing a similar mass extinction event happening in the geologic blink of an eye.”

23. Anchorman

“It was in 1976 at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards. Irwin had Rocky up for best picture. Paddy had Network. They were standing next to each other when the winner was announced: Network and Rocky in a tie. Winkler turned to Chayefsky. ‘Congratulations,’ he said, offering his hand. Chayefsky looked at him and said, ‘I hope you die.’”

24. Women of a Certain Era

“In their various attempts to live and die in their own way, the flappers represented a genuinely subversive force.”

25. It’s the Economy

“Her book is a call to renounce the very idea of race as a dangerous misconception.”

26. The Existential Anguish of the Tattoo

“Free will is terrifying because it necessarily entails the freedom to change radically in the future.”

27. Slave No More

“There’s a surprising amount of harmony in unremarkable choices.”

28. Restrain Yourself

“Because the act of bondage so clearly and self-consciously is an act, with its dramatic ‘role playing’ and ‘props,’ it cannot be wholly faked.”

29. The Perfume Diaries

“If I’ve been wearing one perfume for three months, I force myself to give it up, even if I still feel like wearing it, so whenever I smell it again it will always remind me of those three months. I never go back to wearing it again; it becomes part of my permanent smell collection.”

30. Sexy Beast

“At one shocking point, he eviscerates a cow and then climbs into its belly. Moments later, ‘Norman II’ emerges as the 72-year-old, African-American jazz drummer Milford Graves. (The third ‘Norman’ is Chief David Beautiful Bald Eagle, 94, a Lakota tribal leader.)”

31. Phoebe Philo’s Prophetic Fashion

“The clothes are quiet and not meant to make a statement. And so you look invisible. Able to be viewed for more than your surface appearance. This is power dressing.”


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