Sunday 12.09.2012 New York Times Digest


1. A Simple Way to Create Suspense

“As novelists, we should ask or imply a question at the beginning of the story, and then we should delay the answer.”

2. Racetrack Drugs Put Europe Off U.S. Horse Meat

“The meat of American racehorses may be too toxic to eat safely because the horses have been injected repeatedly with drugs.”

3. A Vault for Taking Charge of Your Online Life

“Data vaults could give consumers more control over who sees certain kinds of information about them and how that information is used.”

4. A Tumultuous Trip to Mobile App Transparency

“Apps often collect all kinds of information from our smartphones, like our contact lists and data on our precise locations. Both Android and iPhone apps are supposed to ask users’ permission first. But many people probably don’t know that third parties, like ad networks, analytics companies and data brokers, may also gain access to that information, security experts say.”

5. Billion-Dollar Flop: Air Force Stumbles on Software Plan

“It is hard to understand how the Defense Department blew a billion dollars before the plug was pulled.”

6. Suffer. Spend. Repeat.

“Evidence suggests that the less comfortable you are during the seasonal shopping spree, the more money you’ll spend.”

7. Bin Laden, Torture and Hollywood

Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln, another of the year-end movies at the center of the unfolding Oscar race, are dedicated to the ethical ambiguities and messy compromises of governing — to the muck and stink that sometimes go into the effort of keeping this mighty country of ours intact and safe.”

8. The Child’s Menagerie

“Can you feel the loss of something you never knew in the first place?”

9. Getting the Cold Shoulder

“When a person feels lonely or is being excluded by others, his or her skin literally becomes colder.”

10. A Big Name Steps Into Big Shoes

“In Hollywood they have these unshakable conclusions. And one of them is that a character must have an arc, must go for a journey and learn something, must be different at the end. But Reacher does none of that. He never changes. He doesn’t learn anything, because he knows it all from the beginning.”

11. Party’s Over for Snooki and the Gang

“I say everything on that show is completely real.”

12. A Big Business in Getting High

“Glorifying marijuana has arguably turned out to be shrewd public relations moves for these women.”

13. Memorable Men 2012: Channing Tatum

“He is the male Marilyn Monroe.”


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