Money or Freedom, Choose One

Today on reddit, comedian and television auteur Louis C.K. took questions. It being reddit, the thing’s a pain in the ass to read, but I particularly liked this exchange:

Q: How on earth were you able to gain the incredible amount of authorial control that you have over Louie? Have you had to battle with FX over any particular jokes/concepts/creative choices?

A: I got it by demanding it and refusing to do the show any other way at all and by having the leverage that I was completely willing to walk away without doing the show and by agreeing to an extremely low budget so that they could offset the risk of giving me this freedom because they are risking less money.

Elsewhere Louis talks about how he edits his TV show by himself on his MacBook.

The whole thing reminded me of Bill Cunningham’s sage advice, “If you don’t take the money, they can’t tell you what to do.”

One response to “Money or Freedom, Choose One

  1. G’Day! Submittedforyourperusal,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, Was doing some calculations, and I realized I don’t have much freedom. In order to move where i want to live it would cost more money, do what i want to do it would cost more money, say what i want to say it would cost more money, solve health problems i have it would cost more money.

    America just doesn’t seem a very free place for somewhere that is waging a big war for freedom. Seems we should change thet national anthem so it says, ‘Land of the expensive and home of the upwardly mobile’. I suppose that the anthem would have to leave out mention of the millions who have no freedom at all, but who are necessary to make capitalism work.
    I look forward to your next post

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