11.20.2011 New York Times Digest

1. “Out on the Town, Always Online”

“For people of a certain technological proclivity, this has become the new multitasking: to live simultaneously in the physical world and in their smartphones, without missing out on either.”

2. “What They Don’t Teach Law Students: Lawyering”

“Law schools have long emphasized the theoretical over the useful, with classes that are often overstuffed with antiquated distinctions, like the variety of property law in post-feudal England. Professors are rewarded for chin-stroking scholarship, like law review articles with titles like ‘A Future Foretold: Neo-Aristotelian Praise of Postmodern Legal Theory.’ So, for decades, clients have essentially underwritten the training of new lawyers, paying as much as $300 an hour for the time of associates learning on the job.”

3. “Kris Jenkins’s View of Life in the N.F.L. Trenches”

“NFL fans, people outside, they have no clue what goes on.”

4. “Drake Pushes Rap Toward the Gothic”

“No rapper has been as woman focused as Drake since LL Cool J, but seduction is barely a motif for him. He’s past that, on to disloyalty, miscommunication, manipulation. He lives in a world where complete trust isn’t possible and believes the only woman right for him is a scarred one.”

5. “Film Is Dead? What Else Is New?”

“Why aren’t there any good movies anymore?”

6. “Going Abroad, Staying Authentic” + “Answers to ‘Where on Earth to Eat?’”

“Anyone who doesn’t have a great time in San Francisco is pretty much dead to me.”

7. “Headphones With Swagger (and Lots of Bass)”

“In terms of sound performance, they are among the worst you can buy.”

8. “For Job Hunters, Digital Merit Badges”

“The badges will not replace résumés or transcripts, but they may be a convenient supplement, putting the spotlight on skills that do not necessarily show up in traditional documents — highly specialized computer knowledge, say, or skills learned in the military, in online courses or in after-school programs at museums or libraries.”

9. “Distracted? It’s Time to Hit the Reset Button”

“He suggests visualizing a reset device in your brain and saying: ‘I need to press the reset button and get back on track.’ This takes the spotlight off the distraction and puts it on the redirection. ‘You are rewiring your brain,’ he says.”

10. “Are You a V.I.P.? Check Your Klout Score”

“In September, during a Fashion’s Night Out event in the upscale Miami neighborhood of Bal Harbour, guests decked out in Marc Jacobs and Herve Leger could not help but notice a separate velvet-roped V.I.P. area. There, a privileged few shared one denominator: each guest had accumulated a Klout score above 40.”

11. “Goodbye, Golden Years”

“Retirement seems out of the question for increasing numbers of Americans who are saddled with debt and whose savings evaporated during the recent bust. Today’s workers should expect to labor longer, and companies should expect to employ more older workers.”

12. “Download: Christo”

“Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Web sites — those words are not in my vocabulary. I never learned to drive. I do not know how to use a computer. I do not even like to talk on the telephone.”

13. “Secret Dread at Penn State”

“True masculinity, like true sportsmanship, contains other virtues, too: forthrightness, honesty, fair play, courage in difficult situations, readiness to acknowledge error, concern for the weak as well as admiration for the strong. In their handling of Mr. Sandusky, the leaders of Penn State’s legendary football program failed to display a single one of these qualities.”

14. “Poet-Bashing Police”

“I wanted to see what was going to happen and how the police behaved, and how the students behaved.”

15. “Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters”

“Sometimes the story that science tells us isn’t the story we want to hear.”

16. “So You Think You Can Be a Morning Person?”

“For those who fantasize about greeting the dawn, there is hope. Sleep experts say that with a little discipline (well, actually, a lot of discipline), most people can reset their circadian clocks.”

17. “Teaching Good Sex”

“If kids are starting to use their bodies sexually, they should know about their potentialities.”



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