5.15.2011 New York Times Digest

1. “Your So-Called Education”

“The authority of educators has diminished, and students are increasingly thought of, by themselves and their colleges, as ‘clients’ or ‘consumers.’ When 18-year-olds are emboldened to see themselves in this manner, many look for ways to attain an educational credential effortlessly and comfortably. And they are catered to accordingly.”

2. “Something Genre Crossing, Something Bold”

“The two key American films of the 1980s: Blue Velvet, Something Wild….”

3. “White Rappers Paying Homage to the Past”

“White participants, seeking to create stability and a niche, become de facto gatekeepers, polite preservationists.”

4. “Foods With Benefits, or So They Say”

“Coca-Cola was first sold as a nerve tonic.”

5. “Why Worry? It’s Good for You”

“A celebrated example describes an assistant professor at a distinguished university who agonizes for years about whether he will be promoted. Ultimately, his department turns him down. As anticipated, he’s abjectly miserable — but only for a few months. The next year, he’s settled in a new position at a less selective university, and by all available measures is as happy as he’s ever been.”

6. “Fast-Tracking to Kindergarten?”

“The best you can say is that they’re useless.”

7. “Rejection May Hurt More Than Feelings”

“New research suggests that the same areas in the brain that signify physical pain are activated at moments of intense social loss.”

8. “Divorce Lawyers’ New Friend: Social Networks”

“Facebook has become an open book of people’s lives. They write things as though they were having a conversation with one friend, so they say the most outrageous and private things. You can’t get better evidence than what comes from their own mouths or their own computers.”

9. “Making Sense of a Toxic World”

“Even newborns are polluted with synthetic chemicals.”


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