Your Dad Doesn’t Know What a Latte Is

Your dad drank coffee before you did. He has been drinking since before Starbucks was a small Seattle coffee shop and long before you stopped drinking Starbucks because it was ‘too mainstream.’ His cups were strong, each sip was an eye jolting, bitch slap to drowsy that firmly signified work was about to begin. You hipsters couldn’t sip from the same mug as your father. Your coffee is sweetened with unrefined sugar from a fair trade farm in small town South America where the workers are paid a living wage. His was black. You top off your lattes with a non-fat, non-dairy, soy, vegan foam. Your dad doesn’t know what a fucking latte is, nor does he give a shit to find out. He drank coffee to wake up, not so he could have a free place to steal internet while bitching about all the political change that needs to happen. So hipsters, next time you want to be a perennial bad-ass, reach for some Folgers and harden the fuck up.

Dads: The Original Hipsters

2 responses to “Your Dad Doesn’t Know What a Latte Is

  1. I’d prefer to reach for a medium roast El Salvador or Panama coffee, freshly roasted at my local shop! Beats and Folgers, Maxwell House or latte at most cafes for that matter!


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