12.26.2010 New York Times Digest

1. “You’ve Got to Have (150) Friends”

“More than anything since the invention of the postal service, Facebook has revolutionized how we relate to one another.”

2. “A Quest to Explain What Grades Really Mean”

“It could be a Zen koan: if everybody in the class gets an A, what does an A mean?”

3. “Hollywood’s Class Warfare”

“Class is everywhere and nowhere.”

4. “Trilling Songbirds Clip Their Wings”

“One of the most memorable parts of ‘Telephone’ is the moment Lady Gaga’s voice imitates a busy signal.”

5. “The Big (Military) Taboo”

“The intelligence community is so vast that more people have ‘top secret’ clearance than live in Washington, D.C.”

6. “The New Court of Shame Is Online”

“Social media is the new court of public opinion.”

7. “How Superstars’ Pay Stifles Everyone Else”

“Capitalism relies on inequality.”


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