10.17.2010 New York Times Digest

1. “Little Brother is Watching”

“The invasion of privacy — of others’ privacy but also our own, as we turn our lenses on ourselves in the quest for attention by any means — has been democratized.”

2. “Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened”

“For many people under 40, it is hard to grasp just how far this is from the 1980s, when a mighty — and threatening — ‘Japan Inc.’ seemed ready to obliterate whole American industries, from automakers to supercomputers.”

3. “Benoît Mandelbrot, Novel Mathematician, Dies at 85”

“Dr. Mandelbrot traced his work on fractals to a question he first encountered as a young researcher: how long is the coast of Britain? The answer, he was surprised to discover, depends on how closely one looks. On a map an island may appear smooth, but zooming in will reveal jagged edges that add up to a longer coast. Zooming in further will reveal even more coastline.”

4. “Sis, Boom, Bah (Humbug): Cheer Squads Have No Place in the N.F.L.”

“Given the tensions that have arisen over the years between the NFL’s macho culture and women, team owners should consider jettisoning the eye-candy culture of cheerleaders. It’s silly as much as it’s sexist.”

5. “The Many Faces of You”

“Your mom and your boyfriend are rarely in the same room, and that’s why Christmas and Thanksgiving are such a stressful time for people, because their worlds collapse. On Facebook you’re in a long extended Thanksgiving dinner with everyone you ever knew, and people find that difficult to deal with.”

6. “The Chilean Mine Rescue, Hollywood Version”

“Whom to star? How about Javier Bardem or Gael Garcia Bernal or Benicio del Toro?”

7. “Documentaries (in Name Only) of Every Stripe”

“What is a documentary? It is a perennial question; although these days it might be more appropriate to ask, what isn’t? The seductions of the literal are everywhere. With the reality-television boom well into its second decade, we seem now to be living in the age of the small-screen “docu-soap,” a TV-land term of art that neatly collapses the boundary between the mundane and the melodramatic, between the uninflected capture of actual life and the brazen manipulation of persons and emotion.”

8. “Shakira Conquers New Arenas”

“Asked how she gets her hips to move the way they do, she replied, with a giggle, ‘A magician doesn’t reveal the tricks.'”

9. “From Boys to Men”

“In tough times, people want a strong man.”

10. “Hey, That’s Me Up On That Screen”

Much as All the President’s Men and Wall Street became obsessive movie-going experiences for young journalists and budding Masters of the Universe, the film has become a cultural touchstone for people in the tech world, who finally see on screen a world they recognize as their own.”

11. “Read My Book? Tour My House”

“Half of the 182,000 annual visitors to Hemingway’s house in Key West say they come for the cats.”

12. “E-Readers’ Collective”

“Many writers don’t write aphoristically, and many readers don’t read for aphorisms. In a popularly highlighted world, we all may begin to.”

13. “The Elusive Small-House Utopia”

“Everybody hates the Calvinist sacrifice; they just don’t want to hear of it.”

14. “Museo Drive”

“Celant calls book collecting his ‘drug.’ There are at least 60,000 volumes in the Archive (and another 30,000 in his smaller house in his native Genoa). Dust-free and climate-controlled, the basement collection runs the length of the house and has rolling walls. No, he hasn’t read all the books … yet. ‘It’s like a Linus blanket,’ he says.”


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