3 Substantial Pleasures

I think pipe and cigar users enjoy smoking because it provides three substantial pleasures. First, a high-quality cigar or a well-packed pipe presents occasion for patience …. It takes at least 45 minutes to finish a decent cigar. That is time set aside for backyard meditation or contemplation. Few things better slow down a busy day and bring it in for a relaxed landing than a burning stogie and an iced bourbon. Second, smoking in the company of others enhances conviviality. Conversation as sumes a satisfying pace as the talkers pause periodically to draw on their pipes or cigars. Third, smoking is an excellent aesthetic pleasure. There are the tools – cigar cutters, lighters and pipe cleaners – whose use is a soothing ritual. And smoke itself moves with visual elegance, in serene white or blue undulations, with a languorous ascent into the sky.

Rodney Clapp

(Via Writing in the Dust.)


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