9.5.2010 New York Times Digest

1. “The End of Tenure?”

“The labor system … is clearly unjust. Tenured and tenure-track professors earn most of the money and benefits, but they’re a minority at the top of a pyramid. Nearly two-thirds of all college teachers are non-tenure-track adjuncts…. It is foolish that graduate programs are pumping new Ph.D.’s into a world without decent jobs for them.”

2. “Computers as Invisible as the Air”

“The thing that is happening right now is that we’re drowning in data.”

3. “A Taste of Home in Foil Packets and Powder”

“The menus and accompaniments are intended not just to nourish but also to remind the soldier of home.”

4. “A Strong Password Isn’t the Strongest Security”

“When the voices that advocate for usability are absent or weak, security measures become needlessly restrictive.”

5. “People and Places That Innovate”

“Good ideas and their successful execution are a result of connections and existing knowledge embedded in a particular context. The individual, of course, plays an important role, but it is defined more by collaboration than by solitary brilliance.”

6. “Hey, Dad, Get With the (3-D) Program”

“‘There’s a Twilight Zone marathon on,’ I’d say. ‘I think you’ll enjoy the way Rod Serling laid a hint of the paranormal over the ordinary world to show that humanity lives its entire existence on the border between the mundane and the miraculous.'”

7. “Words Cannot Express”

“Deutscher does find three areas where a weaker version of linguistic relativity might hold — color terms, spatial relations and grammatical gender.”

8. “Man Up”

“Are You Gonna Cowboy Up or Just Lay There and Bleed?”

9. “The Many Iterations of William Shatner”

“Shatner has said he once wore a William Shatner mask on Halloween — ‘Nobody knew who I was.'”

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