Just Like Little League

Read the clips first, then come up with questions, then do the interviews, transcribe the tapes, then read the notes and clips over again until I memorize them, then start outlining on a yellow legal pad of paper, like an artist making sketches before starting a painting. I’ll revise the outline again and again, just like you were taught in grammar school. Do that over and over until I find an outline I like. It’s a habit left over from baseball – as far back as when I played in Little League when I used to draw those stick figures that showed me how I was going to pitch the batter. Which doesn’t mean I’ll stick to it, it just means it’ll get me started writing. After I get the outline, I think for as long as it takes me, until I get the first line. I’ll memorize my notes and clips and then spend a week walking around the house jotting notes on how I want to begin it. Once I figure out how I’m going to begin it, the story is done.

Pat Jordan


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