8.15.2010 New York Times Digest

1. “Is the Husband Going to Be a Problem?”
“When you’re denied tenure anywhere but at a few elite institutions, it’s virtually impossible to get another tenure-track job. You’re academic roadkill. But you still have to work through the rest of the school year.”

2. “Scissors, Glue, Pencils? Check. Cleaning Spray?”
“Some back-to-school aisles are almost becoming janitorial-supply destinations as multipacks of paper towels, cleaning spray and hand sanitizer are crammed alongside pens, notepads and backpacks.”

3. “Japan, Checking on Its Oldest, Finds Many Gone”
“Living until 150 years old is impossible in the natural world. But it is not impossible in the world of Japanese public administration.”

4. “New Stress Added to the Heart of Los Angeles Gridlock”
“A driver lost in her neighborhood the other day went winging by at an excessive speed, clipped a bumper on a parked car and flipped over. Ms. Nussbaum said the woman had to be cut from the wreckage, but declined medical treatment and asked only for help in escaping the neighborhood and getting home.”

5. “A City That Knows Long Odds”
“In 1908, Gov. John Franklin Fort called the city a ‘Saturnalia of vice.'”

6. “Where the Camaraderie and Shimmer of Sweat Is Enough”
“He does not own a phone or a computer and has little interest in promoting Rock Hard Gym on the Internet. Never married, he lives a monkish lifestyle in a 5-by-8-foot room in the back of the gym. He sleeps in a bunk bed, keeps his clothing in two small filing cabinets, and cooks using a hot plate that he puts back in the box when he is finished.”

7. “Academic Bankruptcy”
“Just as investors borrowed more and increased their leverage in volatile markets, many colleges and universities are borrowing more and betting on an expanding market in higher education at the precise moment their product is becoming affordable for fewer people.”

8. “I Love Paris in the Movies”
“Los Angeles may be the epicenter of the movie business (at least for now, until Beijing or Bollywood surpasses it). But Paris is the world capital of cinephilia.”

9. “How Kim Novak Mixed Glamour With Gutsy”
“Her hybrid stage name already seemed to contain the contradiction that would shape her career: part manufactured Hollywood glamour, part Midwestern authenticity. Elusive and ethereal at one moment, she could be frankly, thrillingly carnal the next.”

10. “Start the Presses”
“For decades after Gutenberg, it was not even clear that print would become a success. How do you market books? How many should you run off at one time? Piracy was a problem, as were texts changed, mutilated or combined in unauthorized editions. Many printers were ruined, trying to exploit the new medium.”

11. “Hoop Dreams”
“I’m done with the nicknames. Actually, when I obtain my doctorate, I will not allow people to call me Shaq anymore, either.”


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