5.16.2010 New York Times Digest

1. “Metric Mania”

“Unless we know how things are counted, we don’t know if it’s wise to count on the numbers.”

2. “Green Juice and Twitter Prayer”

“After yoga, I see a movie or something. I have a movie theater or I go to the movies. Michael Moore recommended one to me recently on Iraq, with Matt Damon. Green Zone. It was a thousand times better than The Hurt Locker. It was amazing. Everyone in the theater was going crazy.”

3. “If Plan B Fails, Go Through the Alphabet”

“I generally figure: Well, you didn’t work hard enough, and apparently you weren’t smart enough to figure out the system. That’s probably why you didn’t advance at your last job.”

4. “World’s Largest Social Network: The Open Web”

“The open Web has a strong claim to being more ‘social’ than does Facebook.”

5. “A First Year Steeped in Finance”

“Obama hasn’t received the public credit he deserves for engineering an economic turnaround while simultaneously effecting major social initiatives. Along with health care overhaul, Mr. Alter says, the accomplishments include ‘the biggest tax cuts for the middle class since Reagan, the biggest infrastructure bill’ since the interstate highway law, ‘the biggest education bill since Lyndon Johnson’s first federal aid to education, the biggest scientific and medical research investment in 40 years, and the biggest clean energy bill ever’ (all in the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act).”

6. “Sending a Message That You Don’t Care”

“Electronic devices lead to more incivility because of their powerful ability to claim our attention – no matter where we are or what we’re doing. No one likes to be snubbed, of course, but the offense can take on a new edge when the winner is a machine.”

7. “Tommy Hilfiger Replants His American Flag”

Mr. Hilfiger has always come across as a little bit of a square. In interviews, his answers often sound scripted, and his personal style – navy blazers and nautical stripes – and boyish face, almost the same at age 59, make him seem as if he is playing a role.

8. “Google Tells Sites for ‘Cougars’ to Go Prowl Elsewhere”

“Cougars and cubs are out, but sugar daddies and sugar babies are in.”

9. “Plan B: Skip College”

“College degrees are simply not necessary for many jobs.”

10. “I Can’t Eat That. I’m Allergic.”

“Doctors are diagnosing allergies where none exist and people are assuming that they have allergies when they do not.”

11. “My Hero, the Outlaw of Amherst”

“Had I a mighty gun / I think I’d shoot the human race.”

12. “Letters: The Data-Driven Life”

“If databases require interpretation, it might be helpful to use them to change the way we think. Lev Manovich, at the University of California, San Diego, and the author of The Language of New Media, has written that if ‘the world appears to us as an endless and unstructured collection of images, texts and other data records, it is only appropriate that we will be moved to model it as a database. But it is also appropriate that we would want to develop a poetics, aesthetics and ethics of this database.'”

13. “Valuing $0”

“A product of the gift sphere may be pure, but even a sharing economy depends on somebody’s wanting what’s being offered.”

14. “Cass Sunstein Wants to Nudge Us”

“Ideas like these, taking human idiosyncrasies into account, might revive an old technocratic hope: that society could be understood so perfectly that it might be improved.”

15. “Putting a Price on Words”

“Not to get too theoretical, but this is the problem that we keep coming to with this idea, which is that we want to be selling journalism, not sex.”

One response to “5.16.2010 New York Times Digest

  1. I wouldn’t mind my life to be more like Green Juice and Twitter…

    I have to say that a friend of mine (call me a cougar- he’s 20 ;) has recently considered the obvious fact that he doesn’t need to complete a college degree to work in this world…


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