Donald Trump’s Daily Routine

I play it very loose. I don’t carry a briefcase. I try not to schedule too many meetings. I leave my door open. You can’t be imaginative or entrepreneurial if you’ve got too much structure. I prefer to come to work each day and just see what develops. There is no typical week in my life. I wake up most mornings very early, around six, and spend the first hour or so of each day reading the morning newspapers. I usually arrive at my office by nine, and I get on the phone. There’s rarely a day with fewer than fifty calls, and often it runs to over a hundred. In between, I have at least a dozen meetings. The majority occur on the spur of the moment, and few of them last longer than fifteen minutes. I rarely stop for lunch. I leave my office by six-thiry, but I frequently make calls from home until midnight, and all weekend long.

—Donald Trump, Trump: The Art of the Deal

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8 responses to “Donald Trump’s Daily Routine

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  3. Shawn Forsyth

    Nice! What works once WILL “work” again!!! …vujade1313

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  5. The life of successful people!

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  7. He also sleeps (3) hours I believe? A man with a purpose let’s nothing stand in his way!

  8. …and now he’s the PRESIDENT


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