Hotel Stationery

Recently, I’ve developed a weakness for hotel stationery. It’s rare enough to receive an honest to goodness letter in the mail these days. Getting one on hotel letterhead just adds to the romance. If you believe my stationery, I’m at the Hotel Ritz one day, Fontainebleau the next. And while a box of Crane’s correspondence cards will run you north of $100, hotel stationery is complementary, so I try to go home with a stack every time I’m on the road. (Some of the classiest joints like the Chateau Marmont will even print you up personalized stationery.) And if it’s a vintage find off eBay, all the better. I just got a box of stationery from the long defunct Eastern Steam Lines. Along the bottom of the paper it says, “Onboard Steamship.” That’ll keep ’em guessing.

Walker Lamond


2 responses to “Hotel Stationery

  1. You must stay in good hotels, most the ones I have been in have discontinued the stationary in an effort to save costs.
    It is good to know there are still letter writers out there.

  2. Walker Lamond stays in good hotels more than I do, but most of the hotels I’ve stayed in have stationary and envelopes stashed somewhere, even if it isn’t always that nice.


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