Endorsement: Navy Showers

Per the advice of both Tim Ferris and Michael Leddy, I recently purchased and installed an Incredible Head Power Showerhead. (Yeah, I know, an unfortunate name.) I found it at Wal-Mart for under $5. I got the model with the soap-up valve for navy showers and have begun, whenever possible, taking navy showers.

What, you ask, is a navy shower? Well, as Wikipedia explains, a navy shower is when you (1) turn on the water, (2) immediately wet the body, (3) turn off the water, (4) soap up and scrub, (5) turn the water back on and rinse off the soap.” The opposite of a navy shower is a Hollywood shower. Growing up, I remember my dad taking navy showers all the time. I imagine he picked up the habit in the military. I, however, have been a Hollywood shower man for as long as I can remember. Until recently, that is.

Now, navy showers aren’t for everyone, and technically you don’t even need an Incredible Head Power Showerhead to take them – though it makes things easier. Yet if a one-time staunch Hollywood shower man like myself can change his habits, you can too. It’s the red-blooded American thing to do and it’s good for the planet because it helps conserve water.


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