Still More on Heath Ledger

“Scarier than what the Joker does to anyone onscreen is what Ledger must have been doing to himself—trying to find the center of a character without a dream of one.” —David Edelstein

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One response to “Still More on Heath Ledger

  1. I believe it…

    As difficult as it can be to GET yourself into, let’s say, a “funk” (whether that “funk” is a character or depression – or both or more!), it must be even more difficult to get OUT.

    I cant even imagine what it is like to live inside the Joker’s head. No rules, no point of life with them, no empathy for anything – including yourself, plus an incredible amount of boredom and sadism thrown in for good measure. It’s a pretty anti-social place to go, and, in my tinking, could probably “fuck you up” pretty well.

    Insomnia, though, doesnt have to be created by this feeling – loads of us have it, and loads of us need more than one or two sleeping pills, though I recommend against Ambien – it should be taken off the market. Benzodiazepines should suffice well enough for anyone.

    If you’re up day and night, and then reverse it like they often will do during production of a film, that will screw anyones sleep patterns up to a large extent – I know the more sensational explanation for his death is that the part fucked him up, and I kind of have those thoughts myself as I say in the first line of this post, but i guess it is not impossible that it was simply a dumb accident – the kind that shouldnt be allowed to happen. Doctors shouldnt prescribe sleeping pills in big numbers, if you need ’em, you should be started on one a day. But then again, who has time to run to the pharmacy every week?


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