5.25.2008 New York Times Digest

1. “Exposed”

“Of course, some people have always been more naturally inclined toward oversharing than others. Technology just enables us to overshare on a different scale.”

2. “Starting Salaries but New York Tastes”

“Every year around this time, tens of thousands of postcollegiate people in their 20s flood the city despite its soaring expenses. They are high on ambition, meager of budget and endlessly creative when it comes to making ends meet.”

3. “The Snare of Privilege”

“In an increasingly populist country, it’s not surprising that all three presidential contenders have been sprinting away from the elitist label for much of this primary season. But do they really expect to get away with it? More to the point, should they? Don’t voters want the best and brightest, and best-credentialed, rising to the top?”

4. “Making Sense of Money for Those Who Can’t”

“The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled last week that the Treasury Department’s paper currency discriminates against the blind and those with poor vision because the bills are the same size no matter their value.”

5. “It’s Not a Campaign, It’s a Mission”

“When he speaks or writes of revolution, the congressman means it in the 1776 sense, except that the oppressors now live in Washington, not London. The candidate wants to turn back what he sees as 200 years of creeping expansion of federal power, dissolve the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, return to the gold standard, bring the troops home, not just from Iraq, but from everywhere — and yes, legalize pot, at least for medical purposes.”

6. “Israelis and Arabs Walk Into a Film …”

“What the ad campaign for Zohan does not emphasize is that the film also attempts to satirize the continuing tensions between Israel and its Arab neighbors, and provide humorous commentary on one of the least funny topics of modern times with a comedian who is not exactly known for incisive political wit.”

7. “Indie Films, Coming to a Small Screen Near You”

“A shift in the way people consume media is forcing Hollywood to evolve. As more people have high-speed Internet access, and as technology companies like Apple work to make it easier to watch video on phones, and as cable giants like Comcast roll out elaborate on-demand services, movie theaters and DVDs are increasingly looking like just two of the many niches.”

8. “Resistance Is Futile”

“Even as he has become the world’s most famous and influential video-game designer — the father of Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda and, most recently, the Wii — Mr. Miyamoto still approaches his work like a humble craftsman, not as the celebrity he is to gamers around the world.”

9. “Now He’s Only Hunted by Cameras”

“As Mr. Rushdie himself acknowledges, he enjoys going out and socializing, which, given his enforced years of hiding, hardly seems censurable. ‘I find it helpful to get out of myself’ after a day spent working, he said, as long as “I don’t get so wasted that I can’t work the next day.’

“Not being able to work was one of the terrible byproducts of his breakup with Ms. Lakshmi, Mr. Rushdie said. He has described the split as a ‘nuclear bomb dropped in your living room when you’re trying to work.’

“In the end, he said, ‘A lifetime of discipline got me back to work.’”

10. Step by Step, the Showgirl Must Go On

“Then Michael Silas, a 25-year-old hip-hop dancer from Houston, performed a signature hand move of Ms. Berkley’s Vegas dancer character from the film — a sort of fast-paced cross-wiping motion in front of the face. As if they were conversing in a secret sign language, Ms. Berkley responded by executing the same frenetic dance move and shouted, ‘There you go, baby!’”

11. “Narrow Minded”

“Photomontages of skeletal women, including some celebrities and models, play all over the Internet, uploaded from the United States, Germany, Holland and elsewhere. These videos are designed to ‘inspire’ viewers — to fortify their ambitions. But exactly which ambitions? To lose weight, presumably. To stop losing weight, possibly.”


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