Psychological Issues that Demand Psychological Responses?

“I identify strongly with the transgendered. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I felt as if I were the wrong sex. If the current trend had been operative when I was in high school or college, I would certainly have been experimenting with male hormones. But I think that would have been a terrible mistake. Instead of modifying my body to conform to my male spirit, I put all my bottled-up energy into ambition and creativity. I worry that too many young lesbians believe that infusions of male hormones will remedy their sense of isolation and alienation. But perhaps those are psychological issues that demand psychological responses – new tracks of spiritual self-development and achievement. Many transgendered individuals do ‘pass’ in general society, but many others, after their surgical modifications, may be confining themselves forever to the margins, to the supportive burrow of a ghettoed world from which they fear to stray.”

Camille Paglia

2 responses to “Psychological Issues that Demand Psychological Responses?

  1. But perhaps these are not just cases of clear psychological issues with those who identify as transgender. If young women truly believe they are transgender, then they would not consider them selves to be lesbian, but male in their being.
    Knowing several men who are transgender; they are members of the male tribe. They are happy, well adjusted men who have found a loving relationship with women who see them as the Men; they are not lesbian who are on some extended trip of male hormones.
    They identify as men and have become contributing members and ingrained into the society of men.
    With their surgery they have freed themselves of the secret and have returned from the edges of “a ghettoed world from which they fear to stray” into the world of the living.
    Only after delving into their psychological issues of being trans have they come to terms that they gender is really male and took the medical steps to reconcile the physical difference of their feminine body with their male being.
    But these observations are from all the transmen that I personally know, without exception; when compared to several lesbian genderqueers that I know.

  2. Thanks, Sarah, for your comment. This post was prompted by an article from last Sunday’s NY Times. Do check it out if you haven’t already.


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