12/2/07 Sunday New York Times Digest

1. “Screen Goddess: Natalie Portman”

Natalie Portman

2. “For Suns’ Hill, Quality Time, but Precious Little Quiet Time”

“His life, once considered charmed, has taken a lot of elbows to the ribs. After winning the league rookie of the year award in 1995 with Detroit, he had his career derailed by five operations on his left ankle. And his storybook marriage took a grim turn in 2003 when his wife was found to have multiple sclerosis.”

3. “Friending, Ancient or Otherwise”

“The growing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Second Life has thrust many of us into a new world where we make ‘friends’ with people we barely know, scrawl messages on each other’s walls and project our identities using totem-like visual symbols.”

4. “Who’s Afraid of Barack Obama?”

“But much like the Clinton campaign itself, the Republicans have fallen into a trap by continuing to cling to the Hillary-is-inevitable trope. They have not allowed themselves to think the unthinkable — that they might need a Plan B to go up against a candidate who is not she. It’s far from clear that they would remotely know how to construct a Plan B to counter Mr. Obama.”

5. “The Classless Utopia of Reality TV”

“‘The Hills’ puts Lauren, an alumna of ‘Laguna Beach,’ inside the real-life West Coast office of Teen Vogue, and draws its humor from the sleek, vacuous congruity of that world. Everybody fits in. Lauren’s tasks consist mostly of attending red-carpet premieres. A recurring joke of the show is how the leaders of Hollywood’s young and pampered set feel oppressed by their careers. Lauren’s former friend Heidi, who works for an event planner, returns home in a white, bare-shouldered top, her blond hair impeccably blown out, and is greeted by her fiancé, Spencer. ‘How was your day, sweetheart?’ he asks somewhat sardonically. ‘Long,’ she replies wearily. ‘Tiring.’”

6. “Robo Love”

“By the middle of this century, he predicts, ‘love with robots will be as normal as love with other humans, while the number of sexual acts and lovemaking positions commonly practiced between humans will be extended, as robots teach more than is in all of the world’s published sex manuals combined.’”

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